What is Stabilized Aqueous Ozone or SAO?

What is SAO?

Stabilized Aqueous OzoneTM is a powerful oxidizing cleaner and disinfectant that is generated onsite from water and oxygen. SAO is patented technology from Tersano. SAO is:

  • Easy to Use – One product that cleans, sanitizes, disinfects, and deodorizes on all types of surfaces, glass, metal, rubber, carpet, porcelain, wood, etc. SAO can be applied using mop & bucket, backpack sprayers, spray bottles, electrostatic sprayers.
  • SafeContains no chemicals. SAO has an SDS rating of 0-0-0-A. No PPE required means it’s safe for staff; safe for visitors, animals, and pets; safe for the environment; and safe for equipment.
  • Powerful - 1.5x more powerful than traditional chlorine bleach. Cleans, kills molds, fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Eliminates odors.
  • Effective against SARS-CoV-2 virus. Tests against surrogate virus showed 99.99% reduction at 1 minute.
  • EPA Approved as a registered pest device with efficacy tests supporting pathogen reduction claims.
  • Environment Friendly – Because it is generated on-site with cold water, it eliminates plastic containers, transportation pollution, hot water usage, and supply chain concerns.

Where is SAO Used

Aqueous ozone is proven technology that has been in use in the United States and other countries for over 100 years. Aqueous ozone is used in:

  • The food and drug industry to clean and sanitize equipment;
  • water and wastewater treatment industry to kill bacteria and viruses;
  • swimming pools to sanitize water; athletic and fitness centers to clean and disinfect;
  • schools and universities to clean and disinfect classrooms and dormitories;
  • restaurants and food service establishments to clean and sanitize surfaces;
  • athletic arenas to clean restrooms and public spaces;
  • and many more…

How Much Does SAO Cost?

The initial equipment investment for a Dispenser and 2 filter cartridges costs around $2,000. After that, SAO costs between $0.30 - $0.45 per gallon of SAO generated. Most users find this to be as savings of 40%-80% over current chemical costs. Learn more about our SAO Dispenser!

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