Total Transportation verifies effectiveness of new green cleaning process

Whether you call it your “brand”, your “reputation” or your “image”, how people identify with you is critical, especially today. And whatever you call it, at Total Transportation in St. Paul, they’ve never taken it for granted.

“We’ve always had a very clean fleet,” says Total Transportation COO Charlie Murray. “We’ve got professional detailers, and we do our best to make sure that we have the nicest looking fleet. So, when you see a car with an LM plate on it in Minnesota, and it looks good; it’s ours.”

Charlie’s parents started Total Transportation back in 1987 with an emphasis on service and offering the best possible customer experience, something the current staff still strives for every day.

“It’s very important to continue the legacy to continue the strides that we’ve made in the transportation sector in this market,” says Murray. “To just continue providing exceptional service, every time we can. Every day we get up in the morning and strive to uphold our reputation.”

Facing the Coronavirus pandemic Total Transportation’s reputation has never been more important. That’s why Murray sought to take the company’s already stringent cleaning process to a higher level, while always while keeping the end user in mind.

I was doing research on what we wanted to use as our main cleaning product and I found Tersano’s SAO technology on the internet. I did some research, reached out to Michelle at Green Science Solutions and she got the ball rolling. The biggest part of it is it’s not a chemical, so it’s safe for our employees to use, it’s safe for our customers, there’s no ancillary effects from the cleaning product.

Green Science Solutions also introduced Murray and the staff at Total Transportation to 3M’s LM-1, a handheld hygiene monitoring system that can quickly verify the effectiveness of Total Transportation’s new cleaning process.

Since we’ve been using SAO, our fleet is cleaner than it’s ever been. There’s no chemical residue because there are no chemicals involved -- and we know that our clients are enjoying the cleanest, safest ride possible. And, for Total Transportation, that’s everything because we strive to be the best in every area.

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