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  • Chemical cleaners are harmful to vulnerable senior residents and staff. Cleaning high touch surfaces with chemicals leaves chemical residue that is absorbed into your skin, inhaled when you breathe, and damage many surfaces. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone® (SAO®) leaves no residue, no odor, and is safe for all surfaces.
  • Chemical cleaners are bad for floors. Residue on floors from cleaning chemicals causes them to be slippery, increasing slip and fall liability. Additionally, residue harbors dirt and other organic material which becomes food and housing for pathogens. And finally, chemicals damage a floor's finish, resulting in increased maintenance, including buffing and stripping, which lead to increased VOC's in the air. GSS chemical-free cleaners and high-performance, low maintenance floor coatings are the perfect solution for your hard to maintain floors.
  • HAI's are spread from room-to-room on the bottom of shoes worn by staff, residents, and visitors. Studies show that with nearly every step, disease-causing bacteria are being transferred from shoes to floor and vise-versa. The GSS Shoe Sanitizing Station kills bacteria in 8 seconds and reduces the spread of HAI's in healthcare environments.

Green Products From GSS

SAO Dispenser

The SAO® Dispenser is a simple and sustainable way to clean, sanitize and deodorize everyday surfaces. Our wall-mounted device produces Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO®) on-demand using only cold tap water and oxygen from the air around it.

  • Offers facility staff zero-risk alternative to toxic chemical cleaners
  • SAO concentration easily kills 99.999% of germs and those that cause SARS-CoV-2 and C.diff
  • Reduces fall risk because SAO does not leave a residue
  • Non-corrosive and safe for virtually any surface
  • Increases productivity and reduces training through an all-in-one solution; less dwell time needed compared to chemical cleaners
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Tersano SAO dispenser with 24 hour cartridge
The SAO concentration kills 99.999% of germs including those that cause SARS-CoV-2 and C.diff
Epic floor coating before and after on white tile

Floor Finish

EPIC® is a unique and extremely durable water-based urethane sealer. One thin coat of EPIC® provides a tough, long-lasting protective membrane across the entire floor.

  • By eliminating buffing & increasing traction, innovative floor finishes improve indoor air quality (IAQ) while also preventing slips and falls.
  • Every time an acrylic-coated floor is buffed, chemicals, dust particles, viruses, and bacteria are forced into the air and breathed by janitors, patients, doctors, nurses, and whoever else walks into the vicinity.
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By eliminating buffing & increasing traction, innovative floor finishes improve indoor air quality while also preventing slips and falls.

Shoe Sanitizing Station

The UVZone® shoe disinfection technology protects the perimeter and critical spaces, reducing the spread of pathogenic microorganisms onto the floors and other environmental surfaces.

  • AdventHealth Connerton: Lutz, Florida: 92% Employee Satisfaction and a 53% Reduction in Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) Feb 2019 - March 2020 since implementing the SSS units and other infection control measures
  • Norton Healthcare earned all "A"s on Spring 2020 Leap Frog safety scores with 25 units at four hospitals
  • 2019 NSF International - Applied Research Center study proved pathogenic microorganism reduction on shoe soles up to 99.999% including C. difficile, MRSA, and Candida auris
  • 2020 - 2021 CREM Co Laboratory studies proved that the SSS completely eliminated the Norovirus at 6 seconds, and Coronavirus at 8 seconds
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Nurse standing on UVZone shoe sanitizing station
Doctor entering OR stands on UVZone shoe sanitizer
Research has indicated that 96% of shoes had fecal bacteria on them. The transfer of bacteria from shoes to the floor is between 90% to 99% with every step

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