Study Finds Aqueous Ozone is Soft on Skin (but we already knew that)

A study published by the Journal of the International Ozone Association has found that Aqueous Ozone is easy on human hands.

Many people experience skin irritation such as breakouts, rashes, and dry skin caused by chemical-laden soaps and hand sanitizers. To help remedy this common problem, aqueous ozone has been promoted as a viable, chemical free, alternative to harsh soaps and cleaning chemicals. While many studies have been conducted on the short-term safety of aqueous ozone on hands, up until now, no studies had been conducted on the long-term effects.

Woman washes hands with soap and harsh chemicals.

This new study titled, Risk of adverse health events associated with long-term exposure of human hands to ozonated water1 followed 30 participants over the course of three years. The researchers installed a sink that produced 0.6 ppm of aqueous ozone and the participants used this sink for daily tasks such as hand washing, food preparation, and rinsing off fresh produce and kitchen utensils.

After using the aqueous ozone for an average of 90 minutes per week over the three-year period, the participants reported no skin irritation. In fact, 50% of those who applied the aqueous ozone to already damaged skin reported faster healing. The authors commented, “The lack of skin irritation and positive findings toward wound healing were not unexpected. Previous research shows that ozone in both oil and water demonstrates anti-inflammatory and healing effects in a variety of skin conditions and surgical wounds without side effects.”

In addition to the positive impact on the skin, many of the participants reported drinking the aqueous ozone in the form of both cold and hot beverages. None of the participants reported adverse health effects from ingesting the aqueous ozone. In addition to tracking the impact on health, the study reported that aqueous ozone caused no damage when applied on jewelry, plastics, ceramics, or metal cookware.

This study supports the safety of aqueous ozone on hands with extended use and shows that aqueous ozone can be a safe alternative to harsh soaps and sanitizers.

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  1. Robert M. Lubitz, Thomas F. Foust & Paul A. Ponsford (2023) Risk of adverse health events associated with long-term exposure of human hands to ozonated water, Ozone: Science & Engineering, DOI: 10.1080/01919512.2023.2175198
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