Stanford SAO

Stanford University Cleans Green with Stabilized Aqueous Ozone

Envision a world in which you could clean & sanitize your campus with an eco-friendly product as harmless as water. Now imagine being confident that it's just as effective, if not more, than the chemicals currently being used in your school. With SAO (Stabilized Aqueous Ozone) that dream is now a reality. Tersano's proven technology infuses cold tap water with extra oxygen molecules creating naturally occurring aqueous ozone that targets & eliminates germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Save your school time, energy, & money while improving the environment and reducing human health risks. 

Stanford University is leading the way to safe and sustainable cleaning. In 2017, Stanford adopted a new green standard of cleaning involving SAO. Under the new standard, they reduced their chemical waste by 3000 gallons. In addition, the initiative lowered their chemical inventory list from  30+ harsh cleaning chemicals down to 2-3. See what Stanford says about SAO.

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