Tackling Corona Virus in Your County with Shoe Sanitizing Stations

How We're Stopping the Spread

We’re implementing the UVZone Shoe Sanitizing Station (SSS) in fire and police departments nationwide. The SSS kills viruses and bacteria up to 99.999%. Results are 110 times more powerful than anything on the market! 

  • The Shoe Sanitizing Station uses Ozone and UVC light to disinfect the soles of shoes in only 8 seconds!
  • This efficient, patented technology works right out of the box; does not require additional staff and provides continuous 24/7 protection against common pathogens, including the coronavirus
Doctor stands on the UVZone shoe sanitizing station in a hospital setting

AdventHealth Director of Pharmacy Services Jeffrey Miley says the shoe sanitizing stations are used by each employee before entering hospital rooms. “To help improve our compliance with USP 797 and minimize the risk of pathogens contaminating our Clean room, we added to our department’s action plan the PathO3Gen Solutions Shoe Sanitizing Station,” Miley says. Miley went on to say the last Air and Surface samples were negative for any growth in both rooms.

Pathogen transmission via shoes before and after UVZone

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The Shoe Sanitizing Station is a powerful complement to our other sustainable disinfecting products, SAO Dispenser and UVC lights.

Funding Support

  • COVID Relief Funding, $130 billion for local governments, including counties, cities and smaller local governments-See HRSA for requirements
  • FEMA Grants, Firefighter & Law Enforcement Grants

Verified Effective

Top view of UVzone shoe sanitizing station

Shoe Sanitizing Station technology has been certified by the NSF International Laboratories, EPA, UL, CE, ISO 9001 Manufacturer

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