Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

When reading the packaging on common cleaners, the words cleaner and sanitizer get thrown around a lot. Understanding the difference is important when choosing the right product for the job.

  • Cleaner: A cleaner removes physical dirt, debris, and grease that build up on a surface. Cleaners are most commonly soaps, detergents, and other surfactants that make dirt easier to pick up and remove.
  • Sanitizer: A sanitizer kills pathogens on surfaces. Some sanitizers require that they be applied to a clean surface while other sanitizers are themselves cleaners. It depends on the product you are using. Common sanitizers include bleach, peroxides, and QACs.

It’s easy to spend a lot of time figuring out what products to use to get the cleanest possible surface, and many businesses end up using multiple products. This can become expensive and complicate cleaning SOPs.>/p>

That’s one reason why all-in-one cleaners and sanitizers, like Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO), are becoming more popular. However, what makes a solution like SAO unique from other all-in-one products is that SAO cleans up dirt and kills pathogens all without harsh chemicals!

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