Smart Valve

Reduce your water bill by 15-25% by simply installing the patented SMART VALVE™ that improves water meter accuracy, conserves water in certain types of uses and protects equipment from damage due to water pressure surges. Over 99% of water meters measure and charge for the volume of water and air that flow through the meter. That means that you are paying as much for the air that flows through your meter as you are paying for the water. By managing the water pressure in your water pipes and at your water meter, the Smart Valve is able to reduce the volume of air that flows through your meter and, as a result, reduce your water bill.SMART VALVES are available in multiple sizes and prices to accommodate both home and commercial applications. Highly recommended for hotels, laundry mats, apartment buildings, water parks, car washes, industrial manufacturing, healthcare and assisted living, office buildings, schools and universities, homes, and many more. 10-year warranty and 90-day NO QUESTIONS ASKED satisfaction guarantee!.

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  • Reduces water consumption and water bill
  • Works 24/7/365 with no maintenance needed – just set it and forget it
  • Eliminates turbulence and over spinning of the meter caused by surges and sudden on/offs of typical water demand
  • Keeps flow rate within the range the meter was designed to accurately operate
  • Acts as a secondary back flow preventer to protect the municipal water supply from contamination
  • Conserves water in non-volumetric applications such as showers, faucets and sprinklers
  • Reduces over-delivery of water due to high pressure and lack of flow regulations and/or pressure reducers, which often fail unknowingly
  • Multiple sizes available – it’s sized to the pipe and calibrated after installation; easily installed by a licensed plumber
  • Allows user to turn valve to ‘zero effect’ setting in case of severe pressure drop such as a city main break
  • Calibrated to the user system after installation allowing for fine tuning adjustments to find the ideal setting every time without ever having to interrupt water supply

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