Play It Again with an eco-friendly cleaning product!

Like many retailers, Play It Again Sports franchise owner Rob Peterson was forced to close his doors when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Unable to serve the public, Peterson used his forced "downtime" to educate himself on how his store could be better when it reopened.

“We were looking for best practices, says Peterson. Looking for cleaning processes, signage, things that would make our staff and the customers coming through the door feel safe and comfortable.”

What Peterson found was SAO, or Stabilized Aqueous Ozone. A technology that converts ordinary tap water into Ozone, a safe, green cleaning product that is actually one-and-a-half times more powerful than chlorine bleach. 

We were looking for, as best we could, a one-stop shop," Says Rob. "We discovered SAO, stabilized aqueous ozone, through Green Science Solutions. I Happened to come across a video on a personal training outfit in town. They had incorporated the SAO into their environment to the extent where I actually went and met them, watched them, observed them, saw their machine and decided to make the investment.

Peterson also found that SAO was a perfect fit for his business model, in more ways than one. “We’re taking used gear in from people off of the street and often their trading it in," says Rob. "So, what we then have to do is make it presentable, make it safe, for the person who might be using it next week or the following week, so that’s a huge part of our business and we’re very proud of that. As it relates to Play It Again Sports, we’re eco-friendly, we try to minimize stuff that goes into landfills, so I just think this falls in-line with that.”

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