Pinnacle wrestles pandemic with best green cleaning product.

Due to social distancing the class sizes at Pinnacle Wrestling School are smaller, but the action is every bit as intense as it's ever been. “For us it’s important that these guys stay safe", says co-owner Brandon Paulson. "We try to be the leader in wrestling with our results, with the kind of people we bring through here, and with safety. Wrestling isn’t a social distance sport it’s a contact sport, but we’re going to keep these guys safe.”

Paulson, an Olympic Silver Medalist in Greco-Roman Wrestling, is partners with fellow University of Minnesota alum Jared Lawrence, a former NCAA National Champion at 149-lbs. Together the two are turning out elite wrestlers at Pinnacle, where the standards are uncompromising.

"We want these guys to be great", says Paulson. "They know that coming here it’s going to make them better at every level, including national and world competition.”

The motto at Pinnacle is "Love the Fight", so it shouldn't surprise you that when they were confronted with Coronavirus the owners at Pinnacle took their search for the best green cleaning product head-on.

“One of our things that we looked at when deciding was that we wanted a chemical-free sanitizer and to be able to clean without chemicals,” says Paulson. "One of the reasons we went to the SAO (Stabilized Aqueous Ozone) is because we’ve gotta clean mats right after we wrestle, and then we have another group coming in, so we didn’t want to put chemicals on the mat and have these guys put their face in chemicals.

So, while it's difficult to "Love The Fight" against the Coronavirus, at Pinnacle they're not wrestling with their decision to choose a safe, effective, sustainable cleaning product.

Says Paulson, "No bleach smell, no burning of the skin or anything after you're using it and it’s been very safe and effective. We do recommend it. We’ve talked to other clubs about it and hopefully more people can get a hold of it and can get on with the SAO, we love it."

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