Green Science Solutions works with several leading sustainable product manufacturers that are focused on simple sustainable cleaning and purification solutions.

With a shared vision of creating a planet that offers a healthier future for all, Green Science Solutions and our partners are striving to accelerate the adoption of sustainable products, technology and processes for healthier communities.

About Our Partners

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3M: Local Minnesota business 3M revamped its Clean TraceTM Luminometer also known as the LM1, which is an ATP meter that measures the cleanliness of various surfaces. While the LM1 meter has been used in the Food industry for years to verify the effectiveness of their cleaning processes, other industries are adopting the practice. With harmful viruses like COVID 19 floating around, businesses need to be certain their facilities and shared spaces are clean. The LM1 meter provides that peace of mind with accurate fast results. See ATP testing in action as Jake with Green Science Solutions demonstrates testing with the LM1.


Tersano: Green Science Solutions partnered with Tersano because of their leading Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) products that clean, sanitize and disinfect using regular tap water and electricity. Tersano is an innovative manufacturer based in Canada. They have a patent on their SAO cartridge that creates SAO and its cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting capabilities. Tersano also has a number of regulatory approvals, including EPA certification of a pesticide device and FDA approval as a food additive and that ozone may be safely used in the treatment, storage and processing of food. Learn more about SAO.

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GreenTech Environmental and Green Science Solutions are aligned in striving to improve the health of people around the globe and protect the environment through sustainable solutions. GreenTech Environmental is a cutting-edge technological manufacturer of purification, heating, cooling, cleaning and power solutions to improve our health and help our planet. Learn more about their sustainable solutions.