Owner of Play It Again Sports explains why he uses SAO in his stores

Play It Again

Like many retailers, Play It Again Sports franchise owner Rob Peterson was forced to close his doors when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Unable to serve the public, Peterson used his forced “downtime” to educate himself on how his store could be better when it reopened.

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Charlie from Total Transportation Swabs Car with UXL100 ATP test swabs

Total Transportation

Green Science Solutions Total Transportation to 3M’s LM-1, a handheld hygiene monitoring system that can quickly verify the effectiveness of Total Transportation’s new cleaning process.

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Pinnacle wresting owner Brandon Paulson spraying mat with SAO

Pinnacle Wrestling

Due to social distancing the class sizes at Pinnacle Wrestling School are smaller, but the action is every bit as intense as it’s ever been. “For us it’s important that these guys stay safe”, says co-owner Brandon Paulson.

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F45 Employee stands in front of logo with portable handheld aqueous ozone applicator

F45 Studio

With SAO, Kastner and Powers-Johnson now had a safe, chemical-free, sustainable way to clean their facility throughout the day, with no chemical residue left on their new equipment, and none for their clients to deal with either.

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F45 employee uses aqueous ozone to clean gym equipment using handheld sprayer

What is SAO

Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) is a powerful oxidizing cleaner and disinfectant that is generated onsite from water and oxygen. SAO is patented technology from Tersano. SAO is:

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