GSS Introduces the SMART VALVE by Flow Dynamics

Your business’s utility bill can be a major expense especially if you are in an industry that uses large quantities of water. Whether you’re a laundromat, water park, golf course, car wash, hotel, or other industry that has high water usage, conserving water and cutting your bill is an important part of business.

Over 99% of water meters measure and charge for the volume of water and air that flow through the meter. That means that you are paying as much for the air that flows through your meter as you are paying for the water. By managing the water pressure in your water pipes and at your water meter, you can reduce your water bill.

This is where the Smart Valve by Flow Dynamics comes in. The Smart Valve is a patented, precision engineered money and water saving device for your water system. Available in multiple sizes and prices, the Smart Valve works in any industry or building type.

Once installed, the Smart Valve can reduce your water bill by 15-25% by improving your water meters accuracy, conserving water usage, and protecting equipment from damage due to water pressure surges. The SMART VALVE:

  • Keeps the flow rate within the range the meter was designed to accurately operate.
  • Eliminates turbulence and over spinning of the meter caused by surges and sudden on/offs of typical water demand.
  • Conserves water in non-volumetric applications such as showers, faucets, and sprinklers.
  • Reduces over-delivery of water due to high pressure and lack of flow regulations and/or pressure reducers which often fail unknowingly.

Contact us for more information about how to reduce your water bill! We’d love to hear from you.

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