GSS: a Sustainability Partner of the Cannabis Industry

Green Science Solutions (GSS) is a sustainable partner of the cannabis industry by helping reduce the amount of chemicals used within dispensaries and grow facilities. In addition to reducing chemical build up in plants, sustainable cleaners also improve indoor air quality, minimize plastic waste, and create safer work environments for staff and customers.

One of our long-time partners, BKR Solutions, uses aqueous ozone in their facility and has managed to eliminate all chemical cleaners including bleach.

GSS is a national distributor that offers many solutions such as aqueous ozone technologies, air monitors/purifiers, and sustainable floor coatings. We want to let cannabis businesses know that we have solutions to help them meet their sustainability goals.

Michelle from Green Science Solutions introduced us to the Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) system. This has helped our farm lower our environmental impact by cutting out chemical cleaners including bleach from our SOPs. The SAO solution is used onsite at our facility for cleaning surfaces, containers, and propagation equipment. SAO is safe to use around plants and a great alternative to chemical cleaners offered by most sanitation companies.
- Jesse Davis, Director of Cultivation for BKR Solutions, Minnesota's largest year-round hemp producer.
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