Green Science Solutions Partners with the Agriculture Industry

Sustainable products have an important and wide-spread role to play in the agriculture industry and Green Science Solutions (GSS) is there to help. GSS is helping growers and processors implement a healthier, organic, more sustainable way to clean their facilities and equipment; reducing pests and pathogens on crops, plants, and livestock; cleaning the air and water of bacteria, molds, viruses and other pathogens; and extending product shelf life. Incorporating new technologies, such as aqueous ozone, UV lights, antimicrobial disinfectants, active air purification systems, and cleanliness monitoring and verification systems, GSS helps growers and processors maintain and monitor their facilities, plants and animals without introducing harmful chemicals. Following is just one example of how GSS is working with the hemp industry to provide a safe and improved growing environment.

Clean, Sanitize, Disinfect, Deodorize

GSS is partnering with hemp growers and processors to clean and disinfect their facilities and equipment with Aqueous Ozone. Aqueous Ozone is a powerful, chemical-free, all-purpose cleaner, sanitizer, deodorizer, and pesticide. As a powerful sanitizer/disinfectant, aqueous ozone kills 99.999% of many pathogens in less than 1 minute. No PPE required. No chemical residue.

Additionally, aqueous ozone, when applied directly on plants, has been shown to eliminate many pests found on plants resulting in stimulated growth and improved overall health.

Small plant beginning to grow in the Agriculture Industry.


Continued monitoring and verification of the effectiveness of your cleaning and sanitizing process is critically important, yet often overlooked. That is why GSS offers solutions such as ATP testing which objectively measures the amount pathogenic material remaining on a surface after cleaning. Regular ATP testing provides an objective record and confidence that your cleaning process is effective.

Air Purification

The air is full of contaminates and pests. Whether it is harmful molds, viruses, or bacteria. Without proper air purification, it can be hard to protect your plants. GSS offers a wide range of solutions for air purification and filtration. We provide solutions that integrate with your HVAC system or smaller desktop units that can fit in any office space.

GSS is here to help you improve your cleaning process and protect your plants, facility, and staff from harmful pathogens and chemicals. Contact us for more information or visit our online store!

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