Stabilized Aqueous Ozone

Tersano SAO dispenser with 24 hour cartridge

Turn ordinary tap water into Stabilized Aqueous Ozone, nature’s most powerful cleaner. Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) is a highly effective cleaning agent that breaks down dirt, grease and other contaminants, safely replacing traditional chemical cleaners, deodorizers and sanitizers. Ordinary aqueous ozone is produced by using electricity to add an extra oxygen molecule to O2, creating O3. This O3 is then infused into cold tap water to create safe aqueous ozone able to clean and sanitize for up to 24 hours.

Safe to Use
SAO is Safe and effective with no toxins, carcinogens, or chemical residue. SAO is a patented, EPA regulated, technology from Tersano Inc. that has been around for more than 15-years.
Kills Pathogens
SAO Eliminates germs, odors, stains, mold, and mildew Quickly kills viruses and bacteria including E.coli, Salmonella, MRSA and more. Kills 99.999% of Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus Aureus within a 60-second contact time.
Environmentally Friendly
After use, SAO converts safely back to tap water and oxygen. Along with the EPA, it’s regulated by the FDA, UDSA, Green Seal Certificate and other regulatory bodies.

How it Works

  1. Cold tap water enters the Stabilization moduleThe stabilization module mixes with the cold tap water stream, expanding the useful time up to 24 hours*
  2. The treated water leaves the stabilization module
  3. Water passes through the connector, which prevents back flow with air lock, then enters the capacity unit
  4. Oxygen enters the dispenser through the replaceable filter cartridge
  5. 4,500 volts of electricity transform O2 to O3 Ozone gas that is not saturated in the water is separated and safely dispensed as oxygen
  6. SAO leaves the dispenser to fill mop buckets, trigger sprayers, or auto scrubbers.
  7. ​​* Results may vary based on water quality at locations

SAO-24 24 hour replacement cartridge

Why the Cartridge is Critical

The cartridge adjusts the minerals in the water first, stabilizing the tap water so that regardless of where in the world your tap water originates from, it is consistent and maximized for cleaning and sanitizing performance.

​Without the cartridge, regular aqueous ozone only delivers 15 minutes of sanitizing. After passing through the SAO-4 cartridge, stabilized aqueous ozone remains potent for up to 4 hours of sanitizing time and 3 days of cleaning time. Using the SOA-24 cartridge, SAO will last up to 24 hours as a sanitizer and 6 days as a cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO)

How do I check the efficacy of the solution?
Test strips are available for purchase to verify the device is producing SAO.
What if SAO is ingested?
The solution is not intended for consumption, but it will not harm anyone if they accidentally drink it.
Can the solution remove mold?
The Stabilized Aqueous Ozone kills living mold spores. In order to remove dead spores, areas must then be scrubbed.
SAO does not smell like regular cleaners.
Clean does not smell. The smell of lemon, pine, etc. in traditional cleaning chemicals indicates the presence of harmful chemical additives that can cause irritation.
Where can I use SAO solution?
Applications include carpets, stone, marble, ceramic, glass, mirrors, bathrooms, stainless steel & chrome, TV monitors, computer screens, appliances, white boards, hardwood and vinyl. SAO is an approved sanitizer that also deodorizes and works well at removing salt residue in the winter
What does SAO replace?
SAO replaces sanitizers and deodorizers as well as neutral, stainless steel, carpet cleaners, all-purpose and glass cleaners. It DOES NOT replace your current hospital-grade disinfectant.
Can chemicals be used with SAO solution to enhance the ability of cleaning?
It is not recommended that any chemical be used with the SAO solution. Chemicals will negate the ozone in the water.
Are PPEs required when cleaning with SAO?
The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of SAO is 0-0-0-A. The use of protective gear should be worn at your discretion, according to the organic matter or pathogens you are coming into contact with.
Will SAO solution remove wax from the floor?
SAO will not remove wax from a floor surface. Many current customers report that floor finishes last longer. This is because SAO is non-corrosive. Third party testing also exists for improved gloss and slip-and-fall levels.
Why does the glass/surfaces have streaks?
It is likely that someone is alternating chemicals with SAO in your cleaning regiment. SAO will attack the layers of chemicals until it reaches the natural surface. To achieve optimal results, SAO should be used exclusively.
What Does SAO stand for?
SAO stands for Stabilized Aqueous Ozone. SAO is formed by infusing oxygen molecules with water molecules using an electric charge. Some people refer to it as “empowered” water or “charged” water, but that often leads to confusion as there are other products that are marketed under those terms.
Is SAO safe to use around food?
The USDA has approved the use of SAO for cleaning and sanitizing food contact surfaces. Aqueous ozone is commonly used to clean processing surfaces in food manufacturing facilities.
Is SAO safe to use around pets?
SAO is perfectly safe to use around pets and will not harm them if they lick the surface or drink some of the SAO water.
Is SAO approved by the EPA?
Because SAO is generated onsite and contains no chemicals, the EPA regulates the SAO dispenser as a pesticide device. This is similar to UV lights used for disinfecting. Pesticide  devices are required to have their manufacturing facility inspected and registered with the EPA. All efficacy claims made by the manufacturer must be supported by approved laboratory testing. Tersano’s EPA registration number is 089093-CAN-001 and all efficacy claims are supported by testing from an approved laboratory. Therefore, the SAO dispenser is an EPA approved disinfecting pesticide device with claims supported by efficacy testing.
Is SAO effective against the CoVid-19 causing virus?
SAO efficacy tests show that it effectively kills 99.99% of the “harder to kill” surrogate virus in 1 minute. Compare that to the claims of Lysol disinfecting wipes and spray that require 10 minutes to achieve a 99.9% reduction of the surrogate virus.
What industries use aqueous ozone?
Aqueous ozone is used in practically every possible industry to clean, sanitize, disinfect and deodorize. These markets include education, sports and fitness centers, grocery stores, churches, retail, hospitality, restaurants, business centers, food and drug manufacturing, dentistry, hospitals, etc.

SAO Dispenser

How do I know if the SAO Dispenser is producing Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) or just water?
The dispenser will shut down and give an error if SAO is not being produced. Also, the system has built-in sensors to monitor accurate ozone levels.
What if there is no solution dispensing?
The first things to check are: 1) Ensure the power is connected to the unit.
2) Ensure the flow jet is clean.
3) Ensure the water source is turned on.
The replace cartridge light is flashing amber?
This indicates there are approximately 200 litres of solution left on the cartridge. Ensure you have a new Tersano SAO Cartridge in your inventory.
The replace cartridge light is illuminated solid amber/yellow, the unit is beeping and will not dispense.
The cartridge and blue desiccant filter must be replaced. Follow the instructions to change the cartridge in the User Guide. Ensure the blue desiccant filter is inserted into the dispenser and snapped into place. When it is in place, you will hear it click into position and if you pull on the filter it will not remove from the housing.
The replaced cartridge light is still illuminated solid amber/yellow. The Unit is beeping and SAO will not dispense.
Ensure that the replacement blue desiccant filter matches the SAO cartridge (they will have identical serial numbers). Insert a blue filter into the dispenser until you hear a click. Ensure that cartridge connectors are properly inserted.
Do I need to buy new spray bottles?
Replacement of existing cleaning supplies is not necessary. Rinsing existing supplies thoroughly with SAO will be sufficient.

iClean Mini

Where can I use the iClean Mini?
iClean mini is incredibly effective on kitchen surfaces, produce, furniture, bathroom surfaces, carpets, glass, windows, mirrors, toys, shoes, in your car, on your pets and more.
How is SAO created from the iClean mini?
When using the iClean mini and mini cartridges, cold tap water is passed through diamond coated electrodes to create SAO instantly and on demand.
Is the cartridge necessary?
Yes. The cartridge filters out the minerals in your tap water. Copper, calcium, magnesium and sodium can get in the way of your super sanitized home. Regularly replacing your cartridge ensures you’re cleaning to your full potential.
How do I install the cartridge in the iClean mini?
We made the iClean mini refill cartridges easy-to-use, just like the rest of the device. Just open the reservoir, pull down the cartridge to disengage, push the new cartridge up and onto the notch, then replace the reservoir.
How often does the cartridge need to be replaced?
Every three months, on average.

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