F45 Studio Reopens with Innovative Green Cleaning Technology

It just didn’t seem fair. Less than a year into owning and operating an F45 Training Center, Becci Powers-Johnson and Jaime Kastner were being forced to close their doors due to the Coronavirus. “It was Hard,” says Kastner. “We were just starting to build a nice client base. We could see how it was going to work, and then you’re forced to shut it all down.”

When Kastner took his fear and frustration to social media someone in his cyber community heard his call for help and told them about Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) from Tersano.

"Green Science Solutions came out and did a demonstration for us to show us how it works,” says Powers-Johnson. “And we just fell in love with it.”

With SAO, Kastner and Powers-Johnson now had a safe, chemical-free, sustainable way to clean their facility throughout the day, with no chemical residue left on their new equipment, and none for their clients to deal with either.

We use it to clean the studio between workouts, during workouts, even sanitizing our hands.

But, F45 Ridgedale took it a step further, incorporating 3M’s LM1 Hygiene Monitor to prove the effectiveness of their new green, cleaning process.

“To verify our cleaning process, we use an ATP meter,” says Powers-Johnson. “The ATP meter measures dirt and germs that we can’t see.”

All of it adds-up to an improved experience for a client base who embraced the eco-friendly changes when the studio reopened and returned peace of mind to the formerly anxious owners.

“We can go home and lay our head down at night and know that we created a great, safe environment for people to come and work out,” says Kastner. “And really just give them a great experience and one that they can really feel safe about.”
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