Gym and Fitness Center Owners Benefit 3 Ways
from using Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO)

F45 Employee stands in front of logo with handheld aqueous ozone sprayer

Cost and Labor Savings

Our customers see an average of 25% in cost savings in comparison to expensive chemical cleaners. SAO will also save you time cleaning, as SAO only requires 1-minute dwell time to achieve a 99.999% reduction vs. the 10 minutes needed for Lysol disinfecting wipes and spray to achieve a 99.9% reduction

Chemical cleaners degrade exercise equipment and mats

Gym owners can’t afford to be replacing machines and equipment from using harsh chemicals.

F45 gym owners were seeing their exercise equipment and mats being damaged from the chemical cleaners being used to wipe down equipment. That isn’t an issue with SAO since its main component is water.

F45 employee uses aqueous ozone to clean gym equipment using handheld sprayer
Jamie Kastner from F45 sprays equipment with aqueous ozone using backpack sprayer cropped

No Waste, No Chemical Residue

SAO reduces the need for plastic bottles and shipping since it’s generated on-site, on-demand.

Employees and customers are not exposed to chemical cleaners, which are raising concerns among prominent health organization.

Quat compounds found in these mass-produced chemical cleaners have been proven to have possible human health effects, including fertility issues, endocrine disruption, and occupational asthma.

We were always known to be a clean studio. This just gives us another layer of protection for our members... We know that we created a great safe environment for people to come and workout. Really give them a good experience.
- Jaime Kastner, Co-Owner of F45 Studios
Portrait of Jamie Kastner from F45
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