Entrepreneur Chooses Sustainable Cleaning Process Over Toxic Chemicals

Issues Cleaning with Chemicals

Even before Michigan’s Governor shut down the health clubs last May Natalie Erskine, owner of F45 Training facilities in Macomb and West Bloomfield, knew she already had a serious problem.

I started to wheeze a lot when I was coming into the studio And we have a couple of people who have some level of asthma, whether it be exercise-induced or full-blown asthma and we were all talking about that heavy, wheezy feeling we would get with all of the chemicals that we were using.

It was then the pandemic exploded, and just when the new business owner didn't think things could get any worse, Michigan's state government shut studios down, leaving Erskine to deal with a situation that did not appear to have a desirable outcome.

Says Natalie, “I mean, either we have a dirty studio, but an infected studio, or we have this chemical problem. When you’re working out, you’re often on the floor, and you're face-to-face with the floor cleaner. I just thought that was the lesser of two evils.”

Natural Cleaning Solution

It was about that time that Erskine was made aware of Tersano Inc’s Stabilized Aqueous Ozone (SAO) dispenser and the natural, sustainable, cleaning solution it produces onsite and on-demand, through a webinar produced by authorized SAO distributor Green Science Solutions.

“At this point we were completely shut down”, says Erskine “So, now I’m faced with not only the heavy chemicals but the cost of making my studio compliant when we could re-open. I needed to make sure I had a cost-effective way to do that, and when I found SAO my reaction was, this is too good to be true.”

F45's Results using SAO

Erskine purchased not one but two SAO Kit-4’s, one for each studio, and had them installed. She then gave her staff training on how to clean and sanitize with SAO, hoping they would like it as much as she did. But Natalie admits, she was not prepared for their reaction to it.

“Our trainers are obsessed with it! They’re the ones who are in here all the time, and they’re the ones who have to clean between classes,” says Erskine. So, when I introduced this system to them there was no initial reaction really, because I don’t think they believed it!”

Results soon took away any of that disbelief, just like daily cleaning with SAO not only kept the Covid virus at bay, but it also eliminated that breathing problem that had been afflicting Natalie and her guests.

“It took us two months of cleaning the floor with nothing but the SAO before the soap stopped coming up out of the floor,” Says Erskine. “So, that is the chemical that people are putting their face on, putting their hands on, every single day when they were working out. And, it did not get to this point, but I can imagine that over a couple years of doing that the floors would be ruined.”

Like any business owner, Erskine was concerned about the effect cleaning with toxic chemicals was having on the equipment in her brand new facility, but her greater concern was for the health of her guests, and the employees who trust her to provide safe working conditions and a cleaning process that is sustainable, long-term.

Says Natalie, “Going into business for myself and having employees is scary! It is scary to be somewhat responsible for the well-being of other people, especially during a global pandemic! And I promised them when this started that I would do everything I could to keep us as safe as possible. Obviously, I cannot make any guarantees but what I love about SAO is, it is not harming them further, it is not that lesser of two evils. Are we just like, using tons of chemicals to get rid of the virus? Or, are we exposing ourselves to the virus, so we do not expose ourselves to tons of chemicals. We don’t have to make that choice anymore.”

More Sustainable Solutions

Natalie is so happy with SAO that she now also cleans her home with Tersano’s iClean Mini that she also purchased through Green Science Solutions. Erskine says it's not only allowed her to remove toxic chemicals from her home, but she also uses the SAO as a sanitizer, spraying it on the fruits and vegetables she feeds her family.

“I love it. I’ve reached out to the kids' schools, I really would love to get their schools involved in this,” say Natalie. “I don’t remember the last time I believed in a product enough to just shout it from the rooftops, this works, you have to try this!”
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