Bathrooms: Highways of Disease

Every building has a bathroom. Offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, restaurants. We could go on. You name it, it has a bathroom. Despite being so universal, what most people don’t realize is how dirty their bathrooms really are.

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Michelle’s Story

Back in 2018, I tagged along on a sales call to an elementary school to learn about chemical free cleaning. Being new to the technology, I was still quite skeptical about the need for sustainable cleaning solutions, but visiting that school completely changed my perspective.

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Back to School

A new school year is about to begin and school maintenance crews are getting ready to go to war against spilled milk, sticky floors, and every other mess that’s bound to happen when hundreds of children are together.

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Woman Spraying Scented Chemcial

Clean is not a Smell!

When we think of the word “clean”, our minds go right to a smell: pine, lemon, ocean breeze, lavender, or some other fresh scent. The reason we think this way is because modern cleaning agents are filled with strong scents to help mask the smell of their harsh chemical ingredients!

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Man in PPE pours chemicals containing QACs or Quats demonstrating the overuse of QACs

Growing Concerns About the Overuse of QACs

Recently, the scientific community has raised concerns over the use of QACs. Prior to the global pandemic, these chemicals were used more sparingly in industrial settings. In recent years, QACs are now used universally throughout public spaces such as schools and even homes.

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Stanford University campus

Stanford University to Reach Zero Waste Goal with SAO

With the need to clean, sanitize and disinfect our homes more often than we ever have before, it’s critically important now more than ever to use safer alternatives to the toxic chemicals, dyes and fragrances found in popular cleaning products, like Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, Clorox bleach and even laundry detergents.

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