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Our team is comprised of a diverse group of industry veterans, science experts, and business leaders. Drawing from backgrounds in physics, chemistry, lab safety, and process/risk management, our team uses their collective expertise to develop test and implement solutions specifically for your maintenance team and facility needs. Whether it’s finding the best sustainable products, developing a cleaning verification process, or training your staff on the best maintenance protocols, we’ve got you covered. Following are just a few examples that highlight the advantages of working with GSS.

Our team knows how challenging it can be to keep your facility clean and safe for your staff, customers, and visitors. That’s where we can help. Green Science Solutions offers green, science-supported, and fully vetted technologies for cleaning and maintaining healthy and safe facilities. Technologies such as, aqueous ozone, UV lights, air purification, and low maintenance floor coatings, are equally or more effective than harmful chemicals yet are much more environmentally friendly. Our goal is to educate our customers so that they are confident in their choices as they transition to sustainable products.

Markets We Serve

GSS partners with a national assisted living provider to eliminate harmful cleaning chemicals; provide safe, chemical-free cleaning products for their cleaning staff; and reduce slippery floors (and reduce slip & fall injuries) by eliminating chemical residues.
GSS partners with wrestling and fitness centers to clean and sanitize facilities without using harmful chemicals that can damage expensive equipment or cause allergic reactions to people.
GSS partners with churches to clean, sanitize, and monitor overall cleanliness in facilities without using harmful chemicals that can damage expensive and historical furniture and irreplaceable objects. Chemical-free cleaning also provides a healthier environment for visitors and staff.
GSS partners with agriculture and aquaculture industries to improve biosecurity using healthy and sustainable technologies. These projects reduced pathogens throughout the facilities and resulted in healthier crops and animals.
GSS partners with schools and universities to remove harmful chemical cleaners, providing a safe and sustainable environment for all students and staff (especially those with heightened sensitivities to chemicals and odors. Additionally, many of these schools have also installed non-wax floor coatings that do not require annual maintenance (stripping and re-waxing), resulting in improved air quality and lower labor costs.

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