OMNI Solutions

Unique Partnership Delivers Innovative Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions

Organizations increasingly seek safe yet effective solutions

St. Paul, MN: Green Science Solutions (GSS) announced a new partnership with OMNI Solutions aimed at making innovative technologies for cleaning and disinfecting water, surfaces and air more readily available to both business and consumers who are increasingly seeking effective, environmentally-friendly solutions.

Sustainable ‘Green’ Technologies

Through this strategic partnership with OMNI Solutions, GSS is expanding its product offerings of safe sustainable alternatives to toxic chemical cleaners and disinfectants that provide safe and clean indoor spaces for our communities. Targeted markets include healthcare, hospitality, education, fitness centers, first responders, and many more.

“OMNI Solutions has great technology, innovative products, industry experience and knowledgeable salespeople,” said Tom Holm, President of Green Science Solutions. “OMNI Solutions and Green Science Solutions form a great team that offers a wide range of green, sustainable and cost savings technologies.”

OMNI Solutions incorporates the latest technologies of UV lights, hydroxyl radical oxidizers, and anti-microbial coatings to change the way we do laundry, the way we sanitize and disinfect the air we breathe, and the way we clean and disinfect surfaces we touch.

“The partnership between Green Science Solutions and what we can do and what we can offer is a two-way street,” said Tim Clancy, Business Development Manager USA at OMNI Solutions. “The uniqueness of the product, and the ability for the product to significantly impact the bottom line, I love that. We can make that happen, and the ‘green’ aspect is phenomenal and that is what brought us together.”

Benefits of New Partnership

  • Offer a more comprehensive approach to cleaning and disinfecting
  • Greater ability to positively impact the customer’s bottom line
  • Drive awareness for available sustainable cleaning and disinfecting options

About Green Science Solutions: Green Science Solutions’ mission is to integrate science and the latest in sustainable technologies to enable customers to maintain and monitor healthy, safe, and chemical-free indoor environments. Solutions include sustainable cleaning and disinfecting products, air purification, cleanliness testing and indoor air quality monitoring for commercial and retail customers.

About OMNI Solutions: OMNI Solutions is recognized as the global leader in UV technology. An original manufacturer of proprietary earth-friendly, UV-based technologies for water, surface and air treatment, Omni Solutions is revolutionizing the air disinfection, commercial laundry, and water processing industries with an array of innovative, energy-efficient products designed to help maintain the highest standard of clean, increase customers’ profit margins through utility, water, and chemical savings, and improve the performance and quality of the cleaning process.

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