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Green Science Solutions promotes sustainability above all else. Whether it’s chemical free cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing; sustainable floor coatings; air purification; or water saving technologies, our solutions are green and environmentally friendly.

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Our technologies are supported by science. Our staff consists of scientists with real-life experiences in food processing, air and water purification, agriculture, aquaculture, lab safety and risk management. The GSS team can help implement trusted solutions that are backed by data and scientific studies.

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Proper cleaning, disinfecting, and monitoring are critical functions in all industries. Whether you are a school, day care, restaurant, hospital, assisted living facility, fitness center, hotel, food processing facility, office, or farm, protecting your workplace staff and visitors from harmful pathogens and chemicals, is your most important job. GSS has the expertise to help you do your job and meet your sustainability goals.

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Our team is comprised of a diverse group of industry veterans, science experts, and business leaders. Drawing from backgrounds in physics, chemistry, lab safety, and process/risk management, our team uses their collective expertise to develop test and implement solutions .

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